Storytelling through emotive and artistic images, Amy Elizabeth is a St. Louis photographer who offers a full-service, boutique portrait experience—tailor-made just for you and your loved ones!


Timeless beauty. Authentic connection. Everyday family.
Would you believe me if I told you these are the building blocks needed to create beautiful images—priceless portraits of your loved ones that will be treasured not only now, but also decades from now? Well it is! Come, bring your family and step out of the everyday craziness to join me while we make something classic and beautiful. Something that tells your story and captures the moments of this season. Something that will be displayed as artwork in your home to enjoy everyday, as well as remind you on the hard days of the greater beauty that resides there.
Interested? I hope so. Because this is about so much more than taking a picture…



Because every family and every individual is unique, every session should reflect the essence of who is in front of the camera!  To create beautiful portraits that capture YOUR family, I want to get to know you BEFORE the session even begins. Personalities, wardrobe choices, home décor—it all matters!  That is why a pre-session consultation, whether in person or over the phone, is a critical part of the process.  But don’t sweat it, I come loaded with ideas and information—you’ll love how we can put it all together BEFORE anyone steps in front of the camera!


This is where the magic begins to come together as I photograph you with your loved ones.  Come, relax, and enjoy your family!  

About 3 weeks after your session, you will come to my home office for the big reveal of your portraits!  After watching a video slideshow of all the final gallery portraits, we will go through each image individually on my calibrated screen to choose which images you love and want to purchase.  I will have everything you need at this appointment to design and purchase your family’s custom artwork.  About 2 weeks after this appointment, you’ll have beautiful portraits displayed in your home for everyone to enjoy!  

Ellie, Class of 2020 – St. Louis Photographer

Of course there is a bit of catch in my heart when I introduce this beautiful girl as being a senior in the class of 2020.  You see, when my little family moved to St. Louis eighteen years ago, we found out we were expecting our son, Luke, the very weekend we moved...

A Creek Family Session – St. Louis Photographer

When we were at a church picnic one week before this gorgeous family's session, Denise may have thought I was a little crazy suggesting we return to the area the following Sunday and have a creek family session.  She is so very sweet that I'm sure she would never tell...


I look forward to visiting with you about a session for your loved ones.

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