Thank you for taking the time to stop in!  My name is Amy, and I live in the St. Louis area with my high school sweetheart and our seven children.  Yes, you read correctly–seven! And that right there pretty much sums up my world.  These eight souls take up the majority of my time, energy, sanity, affections, and love.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My goal in each session I photograph is connecting with you and your family to create beautiful artwork you will love.  I want to capture what is truly timeless and elegant—your loved ones.  I know in the messiness of everyday life, “timeless” and “elegant” usually aren’t the words we see or feel.  But it IS there, I promise. I see it through the camera lens all the time.

In today’s digital age, we can snap hundreds of pictures on our cell phones in just a matter of minutes (as my youngest is more than willing to demonstrate) and immediately post them on social media for the world to see.  However, slowing down long enough to capture the beauty and connection of your family where YOU are also in the frame is another thing altogether, isn’t it?  And taking the time to not only post a picture on the web for some to see in a moment, but to also print an heirloom quality print or canvas that hangs in your home for those you love most to enjoy every day–now THAT is rare indeed!

So, what would it take for us to capture your loved ones now, as they really are? Before she loses those baby cheeks.  Before he goes off to college…

Let me help you freeze time by creating portraits of those who are absolutely priceless to you.  I promise, unlike many things in life, the images we create will only grow more valuable over time…

For you.  For your children.  And for the generations to follow.

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I look forward to visiting with you about a session for your loved ones.

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