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Are you interested in something more than just a nice picture?  What if I told you that not only could we capture the essence of your loved ones, but that we can turn those images into beautiful, professionally finished artwork to be displayed in your home?

That is what I am after!  Why shouldn’t the statement pieces of your home be artwork of what is truly most valuable?  For me, this is so much more than getting the settings right on my camera and clicking the shutter button. For me this is about connection, about love, about authentic beauty.  That is what I am out to photograph with each session.  And that is what I enjoy bringing out as I spend the hours in post-processing to hand-edit each individual image until it results in warm and artistic portraiture.  To land in the place where you have a gallery filled with treasured digital images AND you can walk by an heirloom piece of art everyday in your home and smile, I get involved in the details–walking you through every step of the way from start to finish. In fact, I only schedule a limited number of sessions each month so I can devote the time I believe it takes to create beautiful portraits AND a wonderful experience!

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I look forward to visiting with you about a session for your loved ones.

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