More than four years ago, my family heard about a pastor in Uganda who cares for more than 2000 orphaned children.  At the time, he was building a baby house, a home where babies could be loved and cared for after being abandoned in some pretty horrific ways.  As soon as we heard a team from Florida was going over to help, my husband and son joined that team.  After that trip, we returned three more times–and hope to keep returning!  We consider our brothers and sisters working under incredible circumstances to love and educate these children as our family.  This past summer, I made my first trip, taking my two oldest sons with me.  It was incredible, emotional, overwhelming–and inspiring.  I held sweet babies at the new babies’ home.  I got to meet my daughter and two sisters through sponsorship.  And of course, I took pictures.  If you would like to know more about this beautiful ministry, please get in touch.  You can also learn more at the Hands of Love USA website.


I look forward to visiting with you about a session for your loved ones.

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