The promise of forever, that is quite a big promise.  And do you know your wedding day will be a story told for generations?  My kids love to pull out my wedding album and hear the stories of more than twenty years ago…and if you have children one day, yours will, too.  As you begin your new life together, let us capture the moments of your incredible day…the day where a new legacy begins.  My all-inclusive package as a St. Louis wedding photographer makes sure we catch all the grand moments…and the little moments…and everything in between.  Each wedding story is unique and worth telling in an artistic and beautiful way. Your finished gallery will have those magazine-worthy statement pieces, those candid and hilarious moments with your best friends in your bridal party, those first gasps from your love as you walk down the aisle, and all the little behind-the-scenes shots that you would have forgotten had someone not been there to capture them. Upon booking, you will receive a gorgeous wedding guide and timeline suggestions to ensure we capture everything about your big day.   The wedding collection comes with a complimentary engagement session, two photographers for your wedding day, all edited full-resolution digital images in an online gallery.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision, and we would love to visit with you more to see if I would be a good fit for your big occasion.  Be sure to fill out the contact information, then my assistant, Erin, will be in touch with you to talk through all the details, answering any questions you have along the way.  We can’t wait to hear from you!



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A Legacy Begins, Your First Heirloom

As a little girl, I remember pulling out the thick, white album from the pile of family pictures and thumbing through its pages.  It was my favorite album, because it was my mom and dad’s wedding album.  As I turned over each page, I admired my mom in her long princess dress and gorgeous veil, as well as my dad, who was absolutely dashing in his black suite and tie.  Clearly the handsome groom was quite smitten with his new bride. That is why it wasn’t even a question when we were married that we would have an album. Even though my wedding album was one of our pricier items from the wedding day, it was certainly one of the best investments my family has ever made.  I still have my wedding dress from years ago–it is in a box from the dry cleaners high on a shelf in my closet.  My beautiful bouquet of flowers quickly wilted and was thrown out. The delicious cake has long since been eaten. 

In fact, of all the remaining things from our wedding day, I have an amazing husband by my side, my wedding band on my finger, a wedding portrait framed on our wall, and a gorgeous album of our favorite wedding pictures that tell the story of our day–still one of the most treasured pieces in our home.  If I would divide the cost of our album by the years we have enjoyed it, it is a matter of about forty dollars per year so far.  On our fiftieth anniversary, it will be half that.  Yet it becomes more and more priceless each and every time I walk into a room and find one or more of my children cuddled up under a blanket with the album on their lap, turning over its thick pages and asking me AGAIN to share with them the story of the day I married their daddy.

We live in an incredible time of technology, and so much has changed in the digital world since I brought home my wedding album twenty-five years ago.  In all the amazing things we have that go along with that, one of the downfalls is the many images that remain on a phone or a drive or a disc–only to become easily lost.  That is okay if it is a selfie or a picture of what you had to eat while you were out for dinner last night.  However, it is NOT okay if it is your wedding portraits.  

This is why my wedding collections comes with a wedding album option–a stunning way to display the story of your wedding day in your everyday.  It will be your first family heirloom as you begin your new life together.  And trust me, it will be GORGEOUS.  You will absolutely love looking through it again and again.  Your album will remind you on both the good days and the tough days that what you have vowed together is beautiful and worth fighting for.  And as much as I love the thought of you having this treasure to enjoy for years to come, I’m not just including this album in my collections for you.  I am also thinking of your children and grandchildren…and even your great-grandchildren.  Give them the gift of being able to look back and be a part of where it all began.  Let them cuddle up with you under a blanket and thumb through the pages so they can oohhhh and ahhhhh and ask you to tell them again about the day it all began.  Trust me on this one.  You will be so glad you did.





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